10 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing To Date Him (No. 9 Is Key)

In the first quarter of this year 2020, an Abuja based lawyer tweeted that the magistrate court where he works received over 4000 marriage cases all seeking to divorce.

One then begins to wonder, what’s happening? Why are marriages crumbling? Remember, this is not boyfriend or girlfriend relationship, this we may try to handle in subsequent editions, but for now, let’s focus on legitimate marriages.

So the bug question is why marriages are crumbling like Jericho walls?

On this week’s relationship dose, we’ll be sharing some important tips and questions to be answered before joining that man or woman in that marriage request.

Before you enter that relationship, ensure you ask the following questions. These task is mainly for the ladies.

1. How long have you been single?
People move from one relationship to the other without waiting to actually find out why the last one didn’t work. It’s wrong! Ensure to know her well, especially his past relationship(s).

2. What’s your genotype?
This is an all important question. The reason for this best known to you, but if you choose to ignore it, hallelujah!

3. Do you have a job or are you working towards something?
Forget it, no marriage works without a stable source of income. There would be many needs to be met, if the needs cannot be met, the absolute happiness you desire can never be achieved. Ensure he has something doing or better still find him something to do before marrying him.

4. Do you believe a boyfriend should send his girlfriend monthly allowances?

5. Whats your love language?

6. Are you a very sexual person?

7. Do you believe a girl can still accept gifts from other guys even though she is in a relationship?

8. Is it OK if a girl gives her number out to admirers if she is in a relationship?

9. What are your 5 year goals?

10. Are you ready for marriage?

Answers to these questions will help you know better, who you are dating and what to expect.

You may be wondering how possible it is to ask these questions without raising dust. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Make sure you ask them in a casual, relaxed atmosphere so her guards aren’t put up and she replies as honestly as possible.

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