The pranker versus the prankee

A young girl went to the ATM to withdraw money in the night. On getting there, she met another guy who was also trying to withdraw money too. It was just the two of them. As she was carrying out her own transaction, she noticed that the guy kept staring at her.
As expected, the girl pretended she didn’t notice the guy’s eyes on her and continued with her transaction. And then suddenly, she heard, give me your phone! What the heck? The girl screamed out of fear. The guy started laughing. I mean hard, belly tightening laughter o. The girl was confused. What was so amusing? Was that some joke or something? Who does that? When the guy finally spoke up, he said, that’s how these small small boys do and collect people’s phones o, sorry I was joking. My name is Bishop what’s yours?

Sometimes, pranks are really cool but it loses it’s touch when the pranker doesn’t know his limits and the prankee isn’t psychological strong enough for it. Some persons do not know, let alone respect boundaries. Unless you’ve established a pranking relationship with someone, stick to just simple jokes please. Sometimes, the way you see it may not be the same way the other person sees it. You may prank a person with high blood pressure only for you to land the person on the hospital bed because, “you were joking”.
One more thing, watch the face and body language of whoever you are pranking. Expressions speak more than a thousand words. Learn to notice when you are making the person uncomfortable. The person may not voice out his/her opinion but please pay attention to nonverbal cues. This will let you know when you go overboard.
And to the prankee, learn to be jovial and carefree. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be reasonably accessible. Laughter they say, heals. Take one step at a time and live life the best way you can.

Ps: Still wondering about the young girl? Well, she walked back home briskly with shaky legs while pleading the blood of Jesus. She only stopped at her doorstep, where she knew she was safe, to check her balance using her mobile app. She had heard so much about yahoo-yahoo boys and she wasn’t ready to part with her remaining #1500 just yet because that’s all she had for feeding till month end. Do you blame her? With such joke at an ATM booth in the night who wouldn’t be scared?
Ever been the scary pranker or the scared prankee? Did you fall for it?Tell us about it in the comment section.
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6 thoughts on “The pranker versus the prankee

  • November 1, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Yes Pranks can be very sensitive. I was about saying this “Unless you’ve established a pranking relationship with someone, stick to just simple jokes please.”

    • November 2, 2019 at 7:15 pm

      Correct 👌

  • November 8, 2019 at 8:55 am

    Am not good at it, “I mean being a pranker” …Pls. help with some simple jokes to start with.

    • November 12, 2019 at 3:04 pm

      Lol…i have to know the recipient of the prank first

  • November 25, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    Truly speaking, prankmonging is a kiss of death. In some intense pranks, either the prankster or the victim are opened to shock, injury or even death. Its a very lethal choice of lifestyle.
    I could remember a scenario at Nung Udoe junction last year where some motorcyclists who often muster at a certain spot to scout for passengers scared innocent pedestrians in a scatter sporadic race for survival which got some almost knocked down by moving vehicles on the road.
    Nung udoe junction is actually a hub of local trade activities in the area being a terminal point of the 5 major roads in the local government area. The place is always busy from sunrise to sunset with traders and pedestrians.
    Due to this thick population , from records, any vehicular accident at that location actually claims the lives of many. With this awareness in mind, everyday scampers for safety on hearing and screeching sounds from vehicles.
    On this eventful, I just finished munching indomie with fried egg at a fast food spot, where after I tried to get some soya mix to consummate the whole show, when suddenly I heard those okada men scream the name of Jesus at the top of their voices and made moves to run away from their bikes. Within micro-seconds, people started running helter skelter all the junction screaming.
    With some even running into the middle of the highways completely forgetting its a track for moving vehicles.
    I wouldn’t blame them as MR ADRENALINE was then the executive director of their body system.
    Do you know, that I had to throw away a well seasoned N600 worth of soya just safe my life as ran directly into someone’s parlour leaving those that where sited there to scamper into the bedrooms, then asking me from the inside what the problems was.
    I had thought its either kidnappers were at work or a vehicle had lost control. I was all-ears for any form of gunshot or wailings from close viewers for some minutes, then I decided to step out only to discover it was a prank by those motorcyclists.
    What the hail do you mean, do you know I lost my soya and people nearly lost their lives?

    Anyway! From the experience, I discovered, I was an Olympic class sprinter, Usain Bolt dey learn work.

    • November 26, 2019 at 7:57 pm

      Lol…all hail the new Bolt.
      I’m mostly worried about that lost suya o. Haba!
      But that was a real rough joke o. Eventhough I hardly scramble like that without first knowing which direction the danger is coming from. Before I’ll run straight into the lion’s mouth in my quest for safety


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