Beans revolution

Brothren and sisthren, I’ll be cooking beans tomorrow! Well, no better time for such a boring meal than a MOurrghhhNDAY. Nobody should tell me how great beans is o, my younger self knows it already.

In fact, she’s the reason for my current description of beans. I think my younger self had too much of it. I ate so much beans, and was practically employed by my friend to help her deal with her share of beans in the dinning. And you know how generously sufficient beans can be in a boarding house considering the fact that lots of young people do not like beans. Plus I relatively slow.

Okay. let me see if I can paint the picture for you. A 10-15years old plump child who doesn’t eat fast, sitting down to 2 full plates of watery beans, perfectly satisfied with eating the beans without the least thing as plantain.

Having had that amount of beans for that number of years, I’m sure it is now no news how I feel about the food today.

But regardless, tomorrow, I’m cooking beans. End of story. I usually have to mentally prepare myself for the process. And I’m hoping I don’t change my mind with my waking breath. I need plant protein in my system and oddly, my food nutritionist has refused to tell me other sources of plant protein. She only told me that plant protein is just as essential as animal protein and I have to find a way to consume both.

In other news, let me go and think of my tomorrow’s meal. Tsk!

5 thoughts on “Beans revolution”

  1. I eat beans a lot more these days. I don’t know what i’m trying to achieve. My younger self, well, not so much. We ate beans once a week,Saturdays. We didn’t have a menu; we just knew.

    1. Lol…I’m sure you’re not trying to grow taller than me.
      Hehehe, no menu but beans just has a way of making one for itself

  2. YU don’t have alternative source of plant protein? Pls dash in to mama pee in msmsl, drino several of soyabeand, Thaz much much plant protein. lol

    1. See? Problem shared. Problem almost solved. Almost because I still don’t like mama pee’s soybean. But now that I know another source, I’ll be on the lookout

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