On living peaceably

I think there is a strong connection between tolerance and forgiveness.
You can’t be great at one without having a considerable amount of the other. Plus you need both if you’re to lead a peaceable life.

You’ll agree with me that whether in dealings with your spouse, who by the way can be very nerve racking, or your siblings, who can be very annoyong, or colleagues, who can be very nosey, or extended family, who can be very judgemental, or friends, who can feel very entitled, you need tolerance. Not to mention forgiveness. That one should come as second nature because, try as much as you can, people will still find a way to offend you.

You see, you have to try to understand people you deal with daily and allow a considerable tolerance limit for offences everyday, otherwise you’ll be very miserable and angry allthe time. It is therefore important that we learn to forgive people who hurt us whether or not they see their shortcomings. Because, you cannot enjoy inner peace if you’re not living in peace with others.

8 thoughts on “On living peaceably”

  1. Great lesson. To be at peace even with yourself, you need tolerance and forgiveness. People will always step on your toes no matter how careful you are.

    1. I tell you my dear
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Please keep visiting our blog for more interesting stories.

  2. Very nice piece, I’ve got to say that tolerance and forgiveness are also virtues, and you have to learn tolerance to be able to forgive someone, especially people we’re always in contact with at all times, because they can do and undo. I have been in a situation where I have to be tolerating and forgiving someone at all times just cos I want peace to reign, and I value my peace of mind alot.

    1. Good contribution David.
      Peace of mind is very important.
      Thank you for reaching us. Please keep visiting our blog for more interesting stories.

  3. These two virtues are sacrosanct, whether we like it or not it’s comes naturally. Even if you are the most wicked person on earth.

  4. Nigerians are very interesting people. Once the see u are very tolerating and forgiving, they capitalize on that to add more salt to injury. Very egocentric people. Its all about self and not caring about how someone else feels.
    We only show concern when something valuable to us is at stake. At times we need to unleash our irritations not really because we are unforgiving or intolerant but because we wish to scare the defaulter from a next time.

    Well I see a thin margin between forgiving and tolerance. You can tolerate someone for a reason but u resent inside you. Forgiveness has to do with not keeping malice or grudges. One can be intolerant and yet forgiving especially those who are cholerics by nature, so impatient and sarcastic but yet do not begrudge.

    1. Like you said, it’s a very thin line. One you may not even see if you do not look closely.
      I think it’s better to err on the side of being humane. Tolerate and forgive as much as you can

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