About ICEblog

Welcome to ICEblog lovers. This blog is strictly for musings, random out of the wazoo thoughts and short stories. We have all kinds of gists. Both essentials and non-essentials.

However, If you love to judge people, please avoid me….or not. I get your time anyways. I’m hoping this blog will be both interesting and educating. I can’t count on my sanity level though. But I fit tell you categorically sae the writer dey get brain-touch sometimes. Craze dey her body too, but no worry, e no dey show for my face.

Tighten your seatbelt. Sorry, I mean your blogbelt, because we’re in for a bumpy exciting ride. Oh, and don’t forget to tell someone to tell someone to tell someone that something amazing is in town.P.S:-I’m eager to meet my readers. Drop a comment, will ya?

About Me

I am a very quiet reservoir of knowledge. I do not look like what I know. Some people even think I’m petite. But, I love to think I am a bite-sized, portable and adorable human being. I have the busiest brain activity and could stay on a course just long enough if it’s intriguing and holds interesting life lessons. 

I have lots of musings and a very wide/wild imagination scope. An engineer by profession, sports lover and very loyal to family bond. Don’t look for me in a fight scene, I would shrink and disappear.

I am an unapologetic feminist and can come off as too strong for patriarchal machismo. They usually can’t stand me. My muse and inspiration is something I’ll reveal with time maybe. There’s no SMOKE without fire you know. Las las I’m not your regular girl. Regular is too boring in this short life. 

Mathematically speaking, add technicality to a lil bit of sports multipled by subtle sass and sugary smiles plus a rich blend of grammar and mathematical assertions, and voila, ICE is served.

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