All hail the new decade

Am I the only one that feels both anxious and excited about 2020? The new year will be upon us in less than fifty days.

We’ve always celebrated new beginnings but I look on this one with both hope and fear.

2020 is special because it heralds a new decade. For the youths who were born in the 1990s, this decade will be acculturational for them. They’ll be inducted into adulthood. Who can tell whether their pass to adulthood will be harsh or soft? It is in this decade that, some will get married and start procreation, some will become rich and influential while many others will run abroad and never return. In this same decade, many will start assuming extra responsibilities that they didn’t dream could be possible even in their wildest imagination. Many students will become graduates, while others will receive free passage into the job-hunters club. The decade will topple many comfort nests and scatter niches. This decade.

In this same decade, many will find out in a very harsh way that we are not all equal. Some were born climbers others riders. A few will even have to hang on for dear life , while the rest will just fall off.
I write this with mixed feelings of anxiety, fear and excitement. A mutual feeling shared by many by reason of my research. We all can’t wait to enter 2020 and see what it offers and yet we are afraid of the “known knowns” and the “known unknowns” .
However, we won’t rest on our oars, we will meet the new decade with prepared hands and determined resolve, because success rules remain the same, decade after decade. And by this time 2029, we will look back on the outgoing decade and say “Yes we not only weathered the decade, we bettered it!”
May the new decade bring good tidings. Come 2020! We await thee!©JohnSketcher

6 thoughts on “All hail the new decade”

  1. 2020 Only God….. Life goes with hope and dreams….We do our best always and wish a success story at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Amen o o.
    I wish we just acquire the forces that entangles Wishes to fate. The sky will then be our limit.
    Father, thy will be done.

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