She couldn’t believe it. She just beat the world champion to her racing record. She was willing to go as fast as she could in this 400meters race.

She screamed in disbelief. Her performance was mind blowing. She made history tonight. Even the defending champion couldn’t believe it. Though the defending champion had beat her own record and set a new one, still, she had been outran.

The new champion is now the third fastest in the world. I know soccer lovers won’t agree with me but I think track and field event’s gotta be the most interesting in the world of sports.

6 thoughts on “Athletics!”

  1. We can even debate about a game like basketball or other games with many participants… Track and field can affect only one life out a million in a country. Its a stingy game that can not help in the fast pace of growth which the world is going. Am not saying enjoying it is bad. But comparing its advantage over other games is unacceptable. It’s interesting no doubt, but I don’t like a game that you keep hearing one name over and over again. The likes of Usen Bolt just left the stage after many years of dominance.

    1. I beg to disagree.
      Just like any other game, and indeed every facet of life, to make a name, you have to beat former champions and people who already made a name in that field.
      Usain Bolt reigned only as long as his record was unbeaten. Just like any other footballer whose record is yet unbeaten.
      If you want your name to be heard, then beat the defending champs at their own game

  2. Combat sports is just as tasty as vanilla.
    I enjoy long distance race anyway!

    Try boxing
    Ti boxing
    Thank me later.

    This just make remember the powerful dolio 360 kick of Abia state born Chukwumerije and the duit chagi of Michael Sam Eyo Ebidua of Calabar.
    No try me o

    1. Hehehe. You’re untried sir.
      Thanks but no thanks, I can’t watch combat, too much adrenaline and muscular involvement, I’ll sleep off.

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