Automated not spoilt

I think one of man’s greatest innovation is automation. I mean, it not like I’m lazy o, but I love ease. You want hot water, just turn the tap to the left. You want hot bread, just leave the bread in a toaster. You want clean clothes, just throw the clothes into a washing machine. You want pounded yam, just throw the yam in a pounder. You want hot food, just leave the meal in a microwave. The list is endless.

It is an error to think that by having a fully automated home that you’re making your kids spoilt or that you can only teach kids about life by sufferhead. I mean, who told you they ever have to be exposed to harsh conditions before they can learn life? Naturally, humans are survivors. Truth is, whether we have it simple or tough, when push comes to shove, our survival instincts will kick in AUTOMATICALLY. Even the creator understands the concept of automation.

So here’s my take. Give yourself and your kids any kinda comfort you can afford. You’re not spoiling them. They’re only spoilt if you don’t teach them good interpersonal skills. They must be taught to respect every human being in spite of race or class or colour or belief. Now that, is the real preparation you can give any kid for life. That being said, I would love a glass of smoothie. I need a smoothie maker asap!

6 thoughts on “Automated not spoilt”

  1. Someone called me lazy,because I always find the easiest way to get stuff done, and for lesser time than usual…

  2. Natty brother

    Well! In my thought, having easy life is not bad, but its always expedient to once in a while go with the contrary. Why some parents wish their children to taste the odd from time to time is to prepare them for the rainy days when the chips are down. Nigerians are naturally designed to acclimatize to varying conditions, but not in the perspective of affluence. Those who had lived in luxuries and suddenly fall into peasantry hardly live long. Its good to train your children to use lesser alternatives from time to time, so that when the going gets tough, the tough can get going. I

    1. Well, other than food and water troubles mostly, I don’t see what alternatives cannot be readily employed. But I see your view though

  3. From the angle of Natty Brother, Its very difficult for people to remember that they can get to a lower level when they are at the top, so we always believe that we must stay in our comfort zone forever forgetting that nature has its own way of manipulating things. Well, the favoured ones stay till they die, but we have to think either ways in life. Not that it will happen, but if it happens.

    1. How is it easy for someone to adapt to ease and difficult to adapt to hardship? I think it’s the same and it’s in the mind

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