Be sensitive

Dear Neighbour,
At some point, realize that you could be a nuisance to some other person’s peace, sleep and quiet.
So, when next you want to quarrel with your friend, spouse or enemy, remember the whole compound is listening. When you wake up early in the morning to play that loud jam, remember that some other person’s night might just be starting that morning. When you are about to bang that metal door loudly, please know that you may be startling someone next door.
It doesn’t kill to have some form of self-control and consideration.
We all deserve some peace and quiet. Some people’s haven or safe place may be their homes. So why take away another’s peace?
For those living in one room apartment, be sure to commit to memory that you have limited or no privacy. A piece of advice? When you want to quarrel, keep your voice down. When you are about leaving your house, bang that door gently and when you play your music, turn down the volume a little. Your neighbor’s door or window might just be vibrating.
Do not let your neighbors rejoice when you leave and dread your return home. Have some decency and self-respect.
Like I said, be considerate and love your neighbour as you love yourself. Everything else will be easy when you obey that simple rule.

4 thoughts on “Be sensitive”

  1. Nice piece, Dear neighbour try and let me know that am disturbing you. Don’t just keep mute. By so doing you will safe yourself. Thank-you.

  2. I need some ice to simmer this my fish-wife neighbour. She is so loquacious that many times I have to shut my doors and slide almost close my windows to breach audio signals from her.
    To best describe her, she is like the alternating sounds you get when you just switch on your radio and try to toggle through to get a desired frequency.
    Many of us have laid complaints but to no avail.
    Its actually in her nature and she falls sick when she doesn’t have the privilege to talk.
    The diversified nature of human beings are so amazing.

    Thanks for the advice, I need to control the ecstacy when skianking with reggae beats.

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