Belief: One Of The Strongest Systems Of Humanity

We keep learning everyday. My friend and I were recently talking and we both discovered that inasmuch as we like each other, there are certain things and aspects of life we do sternly disagree.

He was very sure of what he thought was the subject matter, all my efforts in trying to get him to my side and way of thinking proved abortive, he cited several reasons why I just believe what he said. On the other hand, I was adamant.

I was too sure of what I believed. Hiaa, I was unbendable just as he was. Deliberated over the matter for such a long time, by the time we realized that we were arguing, the purpose for our meeting was already defeated. Hahahahha

But one thing was for sure. We weren’t quarreling. It was just an argument, a way of expressing our views about certain things in life. So I concluded that no matter how hard you try to convince and win someone to believe in what you believe is almost an impossible mission because belief system is one of the strongest belief systems of all times.

So what do we do when we feel what we believe is the best and the other person is unbendable? Let’s hear you in the comment box below.

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