Bikemen and their wahala!

I was just about to settle into an interesting movie and a great meal when the distribution company decided to interrupt power suply. I don’t think the person behind that switch knows how pissed I am on this day of the Lord. But since I’m an advocate against transferred aggression, I’ll try to ignore the mounting discomfort. But not without telling my story.

Church had just dismissed. And it was time for pleasantries. As usual, it looks like this is the main aim of some worshippers. They just have to greet everyone because if they don’t do so, then you won’t notice their new dresses and hairstyles. However, given the fact that I like to be lost in the crowd, that is usually my cue to leave. That is if I get lucky before someone screams my name from 2rows away and I miss my chance at eloping unnoticed, which translates to turning around with a sugary smile and greeting every brethren in the house of the Lord! It’s worse if you’re with your parents and they’re elites in that church. Tsk! You are forced to listen to those lame jokes by the oldies and how they’ll fake amazement at how much you’ve grown, which makes me wonder if I wasn’t supposed to grow! I mean, am I not a living thing? And weren’t they thought MR NIGER D? (na today we go know who go school)

Well, today was no different. I had gotten lucky and only had to greet one person before hitting the road. I had to beat the after-service commuters’ rush and get to the junction where the transport drivers waited for passengers. My means of transportation for that afternoon was to be a bike. On arrival, I picked the face I felt most comfortable with. The one I could conveniently hit at the back to slow down when he suddenly thinks he’s shooting a movie for ‘fast and furious 19’. After bargaining, which is usually an uphill task when you’re outnumbered, we came to a truce and set off on our journey. Midway, nigga decides to add another passenger. Oga, no na, I protested. But he wouldn’t listen. Then I told him I wasn’t going to pay him what we’d earlier agreed upon because of the inconvenience plus the fact that he was going to charge the new passenger too. Against my wish and despite my protest, he added the new passenger. Well, I too was now bent on not paying him in full. On getting to my destination, I gave him the new fare. Brothren and sisthren, that didn’t go well at all. He got furious but I wasn’t moved, to say the least. Who was he to complain about a breach of agreement? He heard me when I declared my new fare but probably didn’t take me seriously. He must have thought he’ll scare meinto paying.

Me, I just left him there, strolled into my room and fixed myself a meal. I wasn’t going to give him the joy of verbal altercations atleast till we meet again….if we’ll ever meet again that is.

4 thoughts on “Bikemen and their wahala!”

  1. Natty brother

    Eyaah! sorry eh. At least you were able to balance the equation by the forceful surcharge, Kudos to your guts. Maybe, the man was capitalizing on your gender to exploit you. Nevertheless the risk of co-joining an unknown passenger with you on a bike is on the high side. (1) They person joining you may be with a dangerous weapon or contraband, and if accosted by the police, there is nothing you will say to vindicate yourself at that instance.
    (2) I you are not strong-spirited, you could be hypnotized and your valuables carted away from you.
    (3) If na person boyfriend or husband, you could be apprehended or embarrassed by the wife.

    This remark is for all of us to learn from. I have once been a victim of the no. 1 instance. I thank God the lesson was learnt.

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