But I’m a student too!

They say you can find love in the weirdest places. And that the cupid’s arrow can penetrate your heart no matter your status or surrounding. Indeed, many have found love in the weirdest places, hospitals, courtrooms and even at burials.
But today, my focus is on those who find love in school as students.
Love comes with different responsibilities, affection, care, and sacrifices. Then there’s something else, money. Many guys in the student category are always afraid of that five letter word. Yet they want to find love just like everyone else.
They count themselves lucky if they find a ‘considerate’ girlfriend in school. The ones generally referred to as low maintenance babes. Their woes begin if they get hooked with the girls who only care about the green bucks. Funny enough, they may both receive same amount as stipends from their guardian, but these unscrupulous girls would expect the guy to miraculously buy them everything. They disregard the fact that the guys are also students and threaten them with heartbreak if their needs are not met because they know the young men are smitten by love. Heck! Some will even want you to spend your future budget on them. What’s the future sef, if we can’t enjoy the now? They say.
Don’t get me wrong senoritas and senores. I am not saying you shouldn’t spend on your girl, please by all means do, only if it is in your capacity. But, don’t try to kill yourself while at it just to please her. Ladies should learn independence too. Don’t bill your boyfriends or spouses more than they can afford, don’t attach love to monetary things. This is not to say you should settle for less lady, but, if he doesn’t have enough at the time, especially if he’s a student, please, my dear help his ministry. Give him time.

4 thoughts on “But I’m a student too!”

  1. I just feel like staging a crusade for you at Uyo stadium for you to dispense this particular thoughts.
    You are sweet.

    Any girl that would always want you to spend beyond the size of your pocket or lavish your financial stock without measures for replacement is a scam.
    True love will always wish and help the loved to grow in leaps and bounds. A mistletoe is not in love.
    To love and to be loved is everything.

    1. Lol…please do arrange the stage. I’ll be well armed with the team to deliver the keynote address on this controversial topic

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