Camera-face stunt

So just outta curiosity, is there a standard number of leaves a jotter should have? Maybe 50 or 100 or some shit like that? Well I’m about to count my own. This thing finishes too quickly and nobody is sharing jotters at weddings these days….besides, I’m already gone most times before they get to souvenir sharing . I don’t like the picture it leaves in my head thereafter. Slay mamas and papas will suddenly forget home training and scramble for something that they probably look like they can afford. I said probably because I know the deal with these camera-face stunts.

Stop this camera stunts. It’s confusing your helpers. Look like the things you can afford o, so that your helper will not think you already have more than enough in your coffers and move on to helping someone else.

4 thoughts on “Camera-face stunt”

  1. Hehehe @confusing your helpers. Who wan help go ask question,then help you,maybe na old pisha too,or old clothes…

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