Clogged acts of kindness

I would rather be inwardly perfect yet appear imperfect in everyone else’s eyes than be perfect in everyone else’s eyes yet be inwardly imperfect. Because in the end, intent is all that matters.

Sometimes, the best acts are clogged by the wrong intents and rewards become a mirage. At other times, the supposedly wrong acts come with great rewards because of good intent. And often, in those moments, the people with good deeds but wrong intent begin to cry foul. They feel cheated by life. How does that sinner get more blessings than me a righteous man? Hypocrites!

One thing I’ve come to realize is, people who do wrong by us, not out of intent, are always quick to apologize and explain their actions, while visibly struggling to right their wrongs.

Those who hurt us intentionally on the other hand, are so full of themselves and tend to find excuses for their actions, and would even dare have the guts to demand an apology for pointing out their misdeeds. This act could make you seethe with rage. Why the heck should one person be allowed the permission to be this proud? And why do I even have to deal with them? These thoughts could cause great unsettling in your spirit. You may even contemplate revenge. Serving them their own piece in the exact same plate.

Here’s what I have to say about that. Most times, it’s not worth it. Don’t let anybody throw you off centre like that. Don’t let the negative vibes disrupt your own vibration. Practice calm. Do good regardless. Learn quietness of the spirit. It is a virtue worth learning.

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