Coincidental hormonal tension syndrome

Have you ever had your plans shattered by one sickness? Like nasal congestion on the day of your radio presentation or sore throat that made you lose your voice on a morning of an important presentation or menstrual cramps on your wedding day or running stomach on the morning of a 12-hours journey by road?

How do you react to such health imbalance? Especially if the quick remedies or solutions do not readily work on your system.

More often than not, such unexpected occurrences happen and we begin to wonder if it could get any worse. And most times, it’s not like you haven’t adequately prepared for whatever panel you’re to face o, but your body just wants to betray you. I’ve come to realize that soon after you complete the task, the sudden sickness is gone and you begin to wonder if truly your village people are not after you lai this.

Could it be tension? Could it just be a coincidence? Could it be hormonal imbalance? Do the medical practitioners even have a word for it? If they do, I hope it sounds really complex like coincidental hormonal tension syndrome.

Las las, mastering calm in the face of tension is an art. We’re not born into it. We just gain mastery over time.

8 thoughts on “Coincidental hormonal tension syndrome”

  1. Nothing like mastering calm anything o. When your code brown number is up everything leading to a successful execution seems like one of those dreams.

    1. You are on point there…. The running stomach of a thing, I don’t know how it happens…. Though I always get away with it.

  2. sekani charlz

    yeah. at such times, i stuff my inner pocket with bitter kola. i hear it wards off “evil unexpected situations” lol. but shit happens so you just gotta deal with it.

  3. Natty brother

    I would definitely love to know the name of the hormones that triggers the sweating under AC, vibrations in the leg, incessant urinating and the heavy feelings as the clock ticks close to our oral presentations. If na devil dey cause am, i believe sey e dey chop bole well well.

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