Let nobody deceive you. There’s great need for competition in this life. We’re naturally wired to want to outshine others. Sometimes that is all the drive you need to excel. Or why do you make prayers to be better than your equals?
I think it’s important to compete. By all means please compete with yourself, and also compete with your contemporaries. Else, you’ll keep saying you are competing with yourself alone and wake one day to find that while you were at it, the world left you behind. Don’t let them move without you. Don’t let your circle leave you behind. That’s how you get to know what is generally expected of people your age especially career-wise.
An important thing to note however is this, have a good spirit of sportsmanship. While competing, accept defeat sometimes. Accept that there are things beyond your reach sometimes. No need for bitterness. No need for jealousy. No need for strive. If you lose, retreat, relearn, restrategize and relaunch. Now that’s how to compete favourably.

8 thoughts on “Compete”

  1. Imedo-mfon Ezekiel Akpan

    There is no way there won’t be Jealousy, strife,envy if you keep competing with others. It is the constant desire to outshine others that makes people to plot evil against their friends. If you are always in competition with others, you will feel angry when the people you are competing with seems to be ahead of you, and you will consciously or unconsciously start wishing them bad. To me, competing with people is unhealthy. It can ruin the best of friendships. Competition can scatter a family.

    Just do your best. Be happy for other people’s success. Pray for yourself to succeed. Pray for your friends to succeed too. Praying to stand out amongst your equals is a selfish prayer. The sky is wide enough for everyone to fly. We can all do well in life.

    1. I agree with your last paragraph totally. But also I think competition doesn’t mean you don’t wish others well. There are healthy competitions where you learn new methods. Or is the problem with the word competition?

  2. i love challenges but i don’t get jealous of others. i believe time and chance happeneth to all men. i go for what I’m passionate about. i believe there’s always room for improvement.

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