Courtesy demands

Yesterday, I refused a 3-year old sweets🍬 because he refused to greet me. He made a fuss about it and threw tantrums. Still, he refused to say good evening and I refused to buy him sweets.

This morning, as I stepped out, he was the first to greet me and asked me to buy him something on my way back.

Lessons learnt:

For the kid: Learn to exchange pleasantries with elders. Courtesy demands it.

For me: Learn childlike simplicity. Don’t bear grudges. When the Sun is gone, so should your anger.

6 thoughts on “Courtesy demands”

  1. The last lesson line is biblical, second to the last line morals……Yeah… The Bible encompasses morals, ethics and good life patern…but people try to attribute it to God and Christiandom…. whatever may be the case, if we follow the gospel very strictly the world could have been a perfect, pleasant, peaceful, and adoring place for everyone.

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