Discover your identity

Discover your identity.

Who you truly are?

Why you are here?

Where you are going?

And, what you are destined for?

When you discover your identity,

You maximize dignity.

In life, circumstances and situations will try to give you an identity.

It’s left to you to accept or reject it.

Remember, poverty is a choice.

Your life is in your hand, write it.

Your destiny lies in your hand, write it.

Don’t forget that,

People are waiting to call you a failure.

Shock them. Succeed.

Strive to the end.

Don’t let naysayers mock you.

It’s not over yet.

Try one more time.

You never know what you are missing until you try!


1 thought on “Discover your identity”

  1. Truth.

    We must be unique in our cause.
    But when persons, fate and engagements to meet basic needs, hampers the pursuit. What do we do?

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