Five Striking And Functional Steps To Success

In life, there are two things involved. It is either SUCCESS or FAILURE. Life has to phases and it depends on which you choose as an individual, therefore, it is either you are a success or failure and the end result is that those who are termed as successful have gotten to that end as a result of what they knew and are convinced to do what they did.

However, those who are known to be failures are same as those who are successful, they all made their choices, but it was the wrong choice they made, and this is why they are where they are today. In today’s dose of socialetherapy, we are going to be stressing an important area of life and living-success. It is what everybody craves for and below you will find the areas you as an individual need to work on, take examples and lessons so as to be successful as well in life.

  1. Be Proactive

Being proactive is a key to our success. we should strive to be the creators of our own destiny, orchestrating our experience of life. Everything starts in the mind and ripples out, so what happens around us is a reflection of our own inner world. Whether we allow our inner world to grow wild, whether we let weeds spring up and take hold or whether we cultivate a green and pleasant garden – it is all our choice: this is what it means to be proactive.

  1. Take Responsibility

Since we have the power to choose our experience, we also need to accept responsibility for this. Perhaps not that everything that comes our way is a direct result of our own thinking (though some might say it is) but what we attract into our life is, largely, a reflection of our thinking. Much of this occurs on a subconscious level, but the subconscious takes its lead from the thinking mind, so changing our thoughts will change our world, and we are responsible for this. Our behavior is a natural outcome of our mental images, and so we are responsible for our behavior too, and also for the behavior we tolerate in others. If we allow others to ride roughshod over us, then we have ourselves to blame.

  1. Be a Good Leader

We cannot be effective in any area of life unless we have good leadership skills. Leadership is an art and each of us needs to find our own approach to it. Primarily, we need to understand how to lead ourselves, and this means having a compass, a direction which guides all our actions. This compass often takes the form of a personal mission statement, a document spelling out the values we live by.

  1. Don’t Let Fear Stop You

We daily live our lives with the past and its negatives haunting us down. They come as often as our breath, uninvited. Whenever we grow, there is fear. Whenever we do something new, there is fear. Whenever we push ourselves to new heights or expand our comfort zone, there is fear. This is the nature of life. Life is always moving – either we are moving forward, growing, or we are moving back, dying. We have a choice – we can either grow or we can die. Growth and fear go hand in hand. It’s part of a package, and if we fail to embrace the whole package, we will die. Don’t fear failure – failure is inevitable and necessary. Look at the life of any successful person and you will see a litany of failure.

This failure is the foundation of success, so long as we learn from it. Don’t fear other people. They are as vulnerable and as beautiful as you are – only sometimes they lash out in various ways to protect themselves. Everyone is doing their best, so be gentle on other people and don’t be scared of them. When you face your fears, they will vanish like smoke.

  1. Never Stop Learning

I have come to the conclusion that learning is the fundamental activity in a successful and purposeful life. If we fail to learn, we fail to grow, and this means that we die. Life gives us endless opportunities to learn, and the more difficult the situation, the more we are likely to learn.

We can learn from other people, especially difficult ones – they are like angels sent from heaven to teach us about ourselves. We can learn from the things happening around us. And most of all, we can learn by watching ourselves, seeing how we react and reflecting deeply on what moves us.

The above five mentioned steps to success are functional and are but a few of many strategies that can bring about success. We love to hear from you. Share this article to help a friend out using the share buttons and as well, do not forget to leave a comment behind.

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