Forgive, Let Go And Heal

Really nothing ever should make you WORRY nor be DEPRESSED because everything is indeed passing. I have come to realize continually that nothing is worth the struggle , nothing is worth the pain nor the fear we see ahead. Life has many shades and we ought to keep learning about the shade it brings and make the best-est use of what it offers and become better.

We all hear people die , we see people disappear like they were never here and of cause we know what is really obtainable, they are gone. If we recall there are so many reasons why we should never bother about life , yet we still need to live like we are in the last day here on earth, strange and unexplainable things happen every second. You wonder why all these happen and if you have the opportunity to ask I know for sure that you would have unlimited questions to ask.

Why do we really wake in the morning, work late , suffer pain and traumatic situations in our various lives and go through tons and abject fear yet we all gone unannounced, no matter how the important it is. Life offers nothing but fear , pain and gruesome thoughts about life after here, no matter who we are , what we are, rich or poor, the educated the uneducated, the wretched , the informed , the modern , the ancient , the young , the old , the handsome and ugly the fearful and bold ,E V E R Y O N E , will some day go unannounced and unexplained, then it leaves us with.

Why then do we boast and brag , live in a proud and thoughtless society, hold a fist and become so selfish as if the world belongs to us. Let go, that much to it, love life and live freely, you owe your maker your all. I always ask this mysterious God to teach us the mere-nest of our lives and help us to number our days , yes we all pray for a long life , having in mind that someday we will leave this world like some people have unannounced,

As we celebrate this festive season lets always recall that we will all leave someday announced and that we should not be carried away with the moments and forget about the place called ETERNITY. as it happens everyday. THE DEAD WISHED THEY WERE IN YOUR PLACE NOW , SO MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME NOW

Connect and make amends with your creator because he knows the end from the beginning and he alone will you be accountable to , not to any man , woman , law, tradition and policies of life.

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