Good health is underrated

While I enjoyed this view, I allowed my mind to roam. Questions filled my mind about how easily we forget to give thanks for good health and how easy it is for us to neglect our health till we finally breakdown.

Have you ever had the opportunity to stay out of the hospital for long periods? Do you notice how easily you can forget how it feels to be sick? Have you ever been so sick that your best meal tastes sour in your mouth? Your body parts become heavier than normal, such that even to bat your eyelids seem like an uphill task?

In recent times, I’ve had cause to visit the hospital frequently and boy, are there sicknesses in this world! Some have really weird names while others choose very absurd locations to infect. I think doctors must really have sharp brains o. I mean, imagine having to know all weird names and matching symptoms for easy diagnosis. Though some of them use this as an excuse for wrong medical administration. That one is topic for another day sha.

In the same vein, I still wonder how it is so easy for many to forget to appreciate the good health they enjoy. Well, I can’t really fault them, for when life happens, we tend to forget the good things we are enjoying. After all there is a popular belief that you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

May we never learn gratitude for good health through sickness o.

2 thoughts on “Good health is underrated”

  1. Taking tour in a teaching hospital will let us understand that we are in heaven. Doctors dey try sha coz everyday is like an episode of a seasonal movie in a Teaching hospital. We only complain and not show gratitude.

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