How To Succeed In Your Relationship (3 Simple Steps)

Building a strong and lasting relationship does not require you literally bringing heaven down to earth, but if you take time to carefully consider these steps on how to succeed in your relationship, you will surely have a heaven-on-earth relationship. The steps are very simple and quick.

  1. Take care of your konji

In a relationship, commitment is greater than feelings. Your feeling is like an engine. Just as an engine cannot work by itself and needs fuel to move, so also commitment serves that exact purpose of propelling your relationship.

Sometimes, feelings will fail you. You will find a better person than your partner, someone who thinks better, who is more beautiful, sexy and intelligent, but what will keep your head from shame at that point is commitment.

To keep your relationship intact, know that what will propel you is the readiness to keep moving no matter the “konji”. (Konji means extreme horniness).

2. Be open

For a relationship to last long, both parties must learn how to communicate well. I didn’t say “calling” o. Before most of you will think communication means phone calls alone.

Good communication skill is a pre-requisite for a long lasting relationship. Learn the art of mood explanation. Let your spouse understand your thoughts.

If he does not understand, do not hesitate to re-explain. Talk. Tell him or her exactly how you feel about a particular decision. Putting up a bad mood or giving the silent treatment is bad omen. Learn how to communicate well.

3. Cut ties with past relationships

Ending a toxic relationship is sometimes hard, difficult and challenging. But it’s the best thing to do. Relationships that threaten your life and happiness must be done away with. Often times, people ask me, “can I love my ex back?” “Is it possible to get into my relationship again after we fell out?” Here is my response.

‘It depends on what broke you apart, but in most cases, what broke you apart is more REAL than whatever feelings you think that you have now.’ So next time you think of going back to any of your past relationships, quickly do an analysis of what broke you apart.

So then, how can I cut ties with my past relationship so it won’t affect my present and future relationship(s)? According to Paul Carrick Brunson, one of my favorite life coach and relationship expert;

“Every couple, no matter how much or little time spent together, carries with them emotional ties deeper than they often realize. It is for this reason, if you decide to walk away from someone (especially someone you still love) that you remove ALL of them from your life. I call this ‘de-rooting your relationship.'”

“De-rooting means you cut the life of the relationship from its core, its root, and emotional source. When you make it okay to visit “here and there,” text “every once in a while,” or just “check in on their Facebook to see how they’re doing,” you leave room for your emotional needs to be met by this person who needs to be long gone from your life.”

“Walking away from someone you still love is hard, sad, difficult, and at times could feel like a tragedy but it’s not impossible. I promise you, you will survive. Love YOURSELF more. Let go of mediocrity and receive the love you deserve.”

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