I Finally Found My Match In ISLANDism

I recently had a new neighbor.
He moved in about three weeks ago while I was away from my cabin. Shortly before I traveled, I had received word that I’d be having a new neighbor soon. Well, I can’t say I was excited.

On my return, I sought an occasion to be introduced to my new neighbor and his wife. I was quite uncertain whether they knew I was back from my trip but bluntly refused to be introduced. So I decided to go over for a meet and greet session after a week had passed. People of God, he refused to open his door.

On another occasion, about a week later, we met. He was crossing the long walkway and I was seated at a strategic point surfing the internet. He probably didn’t know anyone was home. I greeted him. He acted almost as though he was in a hurry to run back inside his apartment.

It was a bemusing sight for me. Was he shy or just trying to keep off a supposedly meddlesome neighbor? There was a time when I used to be like that so I was the least bit offended. I was never in a hurry to make new friends or establish new relationships.

I imagined how mean the other parties may have thought of me. I know I’m afraid of meddlesome neighbors but atleast I always like to know who’s living right next to me by name and where they work. For my own security reasons I think.

I’d met my match. I couldn’t complain. This is the height of introversion with a little bit of illiteracy, but who cares? I got his name for starters. The rest of the information will arrive when he was a bit more relaxed and could communicate in proper English. But for now, let’s just enjoy the ISLANDism.

I’m curious, have you ever had such an experience? How’d you handle it?

2 thoughts on “I Finally Found My Match In ISLANDism

  • July 30, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    I’ve never heard a neighbour like that. But if I had a neighbour like that, I’ll put on the I don’t care attitude, smile when we see and do my underground checks.


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