ICEd tips for COVID-19

If someone takes vitamins once a week, does it mean the person will be healthy only that day of the week or your body will share it into 7parts? One part per day?
If you do not take care of your health, no one else will do it for you. So just because you are important to us, here is what I suggest.
-Take precautions this period.
-Avoid crowded places (they say it’s called social distancing, but the English never still clear for my head).
-Boost your immune system. Take your vitamins daily please, don’t confuse your biological system with such sharing formula(as par once a week). Adopt daily instead.
-Keep your hands away from your face (actually, it’s the openings, sorry I think I meant orifices. Especially the nose, mouth, ears, eyes and perhaps your pimples pores)
-Wash your hands every 15 minutes or use hand sanitizers.
Lastly, don’t take me too seriously, ask your health care provider for all updates on healthy lifestyle and practices or just follow my advice. Tsk!
Please stay safe, because we need our audience healthy.

Stay safe. We care!

1 thought on “ICEd tips for COVID-19”

  1. We are to Keep our hands away from our face, openings but we are still eating garri and foo-foo with with our base hands…..😂

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