If it sounds weird, just ignore it

So recently my sister called me that she’s on the street of a particular town trying to buy weevils. Well, if I weren’t her sister or didn’t know why she wanted something like that, I know I’ll be staring at her a certain typa way if I overheard the call.
The other day, in a bus, someone said he’s going to buy rats. Why the heck are you going to buy rats mister? All these medical people sha, they can be going around buying very weird stuff. Tsk! My cousin even said she wanted to go and fry her bamboo.
Weird things happen in the medical kingdom no doubt. I just pretend I don’t know these people because they sound so weird sometimes. But what’s my own? As long as they can give me good health advice, they can buy dung for all I care.

Actually, that’s how it should be. If you don’t understand something, just ignore. Don’t judge. Or better still, ask for explanations. But even in asking for explanations, remember, they do not owe you any. It’s completely up to them whether they want to explain themselves to you or not.

4 thoughts on “If it sounds weird, just ignore it”

  1. So many Weird things happen in the medical kingdom….The other day my sister had to catch live lizard and cockroach for lab experiment….she is to bisect them alive….none should die…… weird indeed.

  2. My dear, its good to mind our own business, but in the cause of being our brother’s keeper, its good to always ask questions in order to met good advice and solutions.
    The rate of youth suicide missions in Nigeria with the sipping of snipper in place of tea actually calls for concern.
    Nevertheless, it not healthy to dwell on others chosen lyfstyle to correct them, as this will only earn us resentment, bitterness and emnity.

    1. There’s a thin line between minding one’s business and showing concern. Some people are just inquisitive for the wrong reasons

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