I’ve made some really amazing judgment calls when it comes to choosing friendships and I’ve made a few wrong ones.

I once had an open-ended confidante. By open-ended I mean that everything I told her was like pouring water through a basket. A typical example of one inlet, different outlets. Suddenly people I had no private connectuons with whatsoever had a good knowledge of happenings in my life. Took me a while to figure out, but when I did, it was like a eureka moment for me. And from then on, I put my eyes in my mouth while speaking with her just about everything. Not long after, she felt sidelined and became bitter. Some days will go by without her responding to my greetings and calls. Other times she’ll straight refuse to return my smiles. I wasn’t perturbed. I knew why. Information supply had been cut off considerably and she wasn’t pleased, yet, she lacked the effontery to confront me. She must have told herself she was entitled to my personal life.

Here’s the lesson here. Do not feel entitled to details of someone’s private life. If they tell you, fine. If they don’t, fine too. Be intelligent enough to know when someone doesn’t want to divulge information and don’t pry. But just in case you’re privileged to hear, let people’s secrets be safe with you. If they wanted the whole world to hear, they would announce it themselves. Be reliable. Let information leaks not come from you.

And oh, one last thing, respect the secrets of friends turned enemies. It’s called informagrity (don’t worry, you won’t find that one in the dictionary. It’s a combination of information and integrity).

6 thoughts on “Informagrity!”

  1. Nice write up. My mom did use to advice us, that keeping to yourself (quite) is the best because once u leaks someone’s secret and issues arises. U will surmond at the village square and asked to climb a table and say what u had said there is trouble. But if u were quite u will never be asked to climb and be mute😂😂🤣🤣. Olden days tradition in action….

    1. Lol…well, they had some really scary ways of passing information to our poor little unsuspecting imaginative minds

  2. Thanks a million for this awareness. We need more vocabulary in our dictionary…….. Tell Webster and Oxford to add it to their content. It is very important.

  3. I have been victim of personal info leak on several occasions. Everyone has weaknesses and aspects of refined strength. Its good to always look out for the areas of weaknesses and strength in the people we come in close association with in everyday life so we can create limits.
    The most bitter is when your spouse, doctor or pastor is the one leaking your secret.

    1. Chei, that one could be painful ehn.
      Spouse? You don finish be that o. Sentenced to life of quietness.
      Pastor and doctor? I prefer to not have close ties with those two sha. They’re mostly people outside my circle

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