Internet Marketing Strategy 101

At Iceblog, we are concerned about your growth and development in every sense. Mentally, socially, financially and in every other wise.

In today’s post, we are taking a step at addressing financial freedom. How you can become financially independent by starting a business on the internet.

This is why we are discussing internet marketing today, to be followed in the next series.

What’s internet marketing? Internet marketing is simply the marketing of digital or physical products. On the internet space today, there are lots of marketable products available that are making sales on a daily basis.

How to promote products and make comfortable passive income daily.

1. Identify a particular problem.
2. Look for product(s) that can solve the problem.
3. Create a funnel. You will need a landing page. You can create a website or blog for it.
4. Promote the product using advertising companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, and Instagram.
5. Build your list.

Types of list includes but not limited to Facebook page or group, email list, phone number and chatbot list.Examples of products
1. Health products
2. Beauty products
3. Tech and gadgets
4. Fashion and clothing

In our next post, we’ll show you how to get this products at a very cheap rate through importation. Stay connected.

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