Is Happiness Truly Free? How To Create Your Own Happiness

You have always heard that happiness is free and wondered how possible it is to be happy and maintain that state of happiness. Well, it’s true that happiness is free, costing you nothing other than allowing it flow naturally.

In this article, I will be showing us how to create happiness naturally in five simple ways.

1. Watch Nature’s Wonders

Stargazing at night, counting shooting stars, watching a sun rise or a sunset are some of the most common yet highly overlooked ways of seeking happiness.

2. Do Something Different

If you have not cooked before, cook something exotic. Start a blog, learn how to do certain things like a new dish, plant a new and beautiful specie of flower.

3. Give a Gift to Someone

I remember giving a new bracelet to a colleague. She actually asked for it the first day I wore it to work. Each time I see her wear it with glamour, I feel excited because it’s the gift I gave her that’s making her happy.

4. Engage in Happy Activities

Do you know that there are many activities that are said to be happy in nature? They are called ‘Happy Activities’, such as playing with kids, watching movies, having dinner together, reading a book, watering plants and much more. It costs you nothing to get involved in such activities though it boosts your spirits and creates inner peace and happiness.

5. Indulge in Nothingness

Sometimes, you just do nothing. Free yourself of the struggles of life. You can go on a short holiday or stay home. Redirect your mind. No phone calls, no drinks, no walks, you just do nothing! On some days, you can simply do this. Just lie, sleep and dream.

This list can be endless. Our lives are filled with millions of such deposits that do not affect our pockets but enrich our hearts with true fulfilment and happiness.

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