Is virginity a blessing or curse?

I was having a conversation with a lady yesterday. She told tales of how she was kidnapped.

According to her, that fateful day, 12th of February, 2019. It was late, but she had to return home. She was walking to her bus station when a guy started towards her. Before she could take to her heels, another guy from nowhere grabbed her. That’s all she could recall about her abduction.

Five days later, her abductors decided to set her free. They told her the reason was because she was no longer a virgin. Obviously they needed virgins for whatever rituals they were abducting their victims for.

She was astonished. She preferred not to recant the circumstances surrounding her lost virginity. But the very thing she had hated so much about her life had saved her. Long story short, she was thankful she got home safe. And she was also grateful that she was no virgin.

I didn’t even know what to say. Her narrative brought chills to my spine. Even though I have had many debates for and against this topic, this one was quite different.

But the pertinent question remains, for a woman, what is more important? Does virginity matter anymore in our society?

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One thought on “Is virginity a blessing or curse?

  • February 13, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    In my opinion, virginity is not really of much value than resourcefulness, humane attitude and capacity for effective cohabitation.
    Virginity doesn’t put food on the table.
    Tightness is what we need, not even virginity.
    Nevertheless, virginity before marriage may save one from unwanted pregnancy, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.


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