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If wishes were horses, beggars will ride on it. This was one of my dad’s favourite sayings while growing up. A saying I’m gradually coming to accept as well.

There are so many wishes we have. In fact, if you see some people’s wishlist ehn, fear go catch you. Some are very deep seated fantasies that they know might never come to fruition. But nonetheless, we wish. These wishes help us keep hope alive. They help us believe in a better future. And sometimes, on rare occasions, nature smiles on us and grants a couple of those wishes. It is in such moments that we exclaim, ”wow! not in my wildest dreams did I think this would work when I gave it a shot”.

And every so often in life, we hope for chances like this. It is why we venture into seemingly impossible feats and terrains yet to be trod. We never cease to try something we would otherwise think impossible. Sometimes it works. Other times it doesn’t. Personally I know a few things in my life that has made me sigh deeply and say if wishes were horses. I’ve also had those eureka moments when I exclaim that wishes do come true.

In all, I stay grateful. It’s life anyways. And we’ll keep living and taking the shots. You never know which shot will be the winning shot, after all, sometimes it’s not even the best shot that is the winning shot.

2 thoughts on “Keep living”

  1. Everyone wishes the best to come to them, but fate is of a greater percent independent of us.
    Creating fantasies dey sweet like mad,
    U just dey your bed dey reason how governor come choose you as one of the new commissioners, u come get small change take care of your extended family, run some outstanding projects in the society, maybe complete your church building that has been under construction for the past five years and maybe have the resources to further your education in the best university with the expertise on the field of you utmost admiration in life and blah blah blah.
    I think after sex, those moments of illusive fantasies are the sweetest.
    God help us, we die here.

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