Law of diminishing return

Have you noticed that as we grow older, certain types of food that used to nourish our bodies become poison to us? The doctors suddenly begin to warn against having too much meat and milk and sugar and fried plantain and eggs and everything nicely wrapped. Something they once said was good for our growth o!

Like my friend loves to remind me, we all begin to die the day we are born. At a certain age, all you can do is watch. Watch how your health begins to fail. Watch your heart that used to pump blood perfectly suddenly begin to behave like a car that’s having start and quench issues. Watch how your legs tire easily from walking briskly. Watch how your strength fails when you attempt to raise heavy objects while sweeping. Watch how your wounds and dislocations take forever to heal. Suddenly, things that used to give you so much pleasure in the past become tiring both physically and mentally.

Truth is, everything begins to deteriorate with time. This, I think, is one of the ironies of life. So while you can, make the best use of your life in service and good pleasure. So that you will have something to reminisce about when that’s all you can do.

8 thoughts on “Law of diminishing return”

  1. You have spoken well
    Do your best while you still can as a service to God so when the night comes you will be proud that you used your day time well

  2. No wonder Apostle Paul said when he was a youth he behaved like a youth….and vise versa. If you where too good at something then when you where young, its going to pain you the more when you couldn’t do the same thing at old age.

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