You see, we already have enough people encouraging us to follow through with our plans, be at our best, be our best self, take the best decisions, say the appropriate things, take life seriously, and always be prim and proper. Call them motivational speakers. Call them pastors. Call them parents. Call them peers. Call them the society.

While there’s nothing wrong with all those preachings, I come with quite a different message today. You can mess up sometimes. Life doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. There’s room for improvement. It’s okay to make plans and not follow through with them. It’s okay to let life happen. It’s okay to trust the process. It’s okay to break the rules and live a little. It’s okay to try the good and the bad.

Life is a balance of all these. Don’t let no one mount pressure on you. Forget all these perfection stories! There’s room for human frailty. The only important thing as far as I’m concerned is to know how to not let anything consume you. To find a way to always enjoy inner peace. Be sure that that is what you want at the moment. Be sure that when the consequences of those actions come, you’ll be able to face it without crying foul. In all, there’s no room for regrets in life. Once you’re sure you can deal with the consequences, once there’s a glimpse of sunshine, once there’s happiness, by all means LEAP!

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