Learn. Relearn.

Have you ever had so much faith in a particular product that you’ll almost swear it’s the best in the market? Like so much faith in a particular brand or something? Everyone else will be trying to convince you otherwise but for where? All you know is that that product is good and in fact the best in the market. Then maybe somehow somehow, someone is able to just convince you to give another brand a try and you realize that the brand you loved so much was probably overrated?

Agreed, sometimes it takes a few more trials before the convincing takes place, yet, at other times it is instant. A few long moments into using the new product, and you begin to wonder what you saw in the former product and why you refused to try other brands long before now. The same new product that took your friend donkey years to convince you to try o. The one you were forming this brand is the bestest on top o. It’s called being wise in your own conceit. Hehehe. You felt you’d gotten the best brand there was in the market by your yardstick. And convincing you otherwise became an uphill task. It’s happened to me a few times, especially with gadgets and household items.

Many times in many areas of life we refuse to unlearn and relearn certain things. We hang on dearly to dogmas as though to life itself. We hold on so tight it becomes scary. This isn’t healthy practice I think.

The beauty of growth in life is in learning certain things afresh. There’s no prize for holding on to dogmas. Allow yourself to see life from another perspective. Let yourself learn. Be open to new ideas. Try new methods. Try new cooking methods. Try new brands. Warm up to new concepts.

So what if you fail? So what if you make mistakes? So what if you look like JJC? So what if it doesn’t work out as planned? It’s never too late to try a new course. It’s never too late to relearn something. It’s never too late to have a fresh start. Heck! There’s no such thing as late in the journey of life. Admit you learnt something wrong and relearn it the right way today.

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