Life Lesson: Common Lies People Tell – Avoid Them By All Means

Most persons feel that lies are the easy way out in a relationship; with lies, they believe they can get away with anything. But truth be told, lies are like a seed that germinates when sowed, when you tell a lie, you have sowed a seed that will eventually sprout one day.

Your inability to tell the truth at all times when there is the need to do shows that everything is wrong in and about your relationship.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a major lie to cover up what you did or it’s a little white lie, every lie told be it small or big is unhealthy for your relationship and can eventually tear down your relationship in the blink of an eye.

Remember: lies are like a seed that germinates when sowed. When you tell a lie, you have sowed a seed that will eventually sprout one day.

To save yourself respect, pride, trust, and dignity, you must tell the truth at all times.

Here are some of the lies people tell that land them in trouble or create avenues for problems to raise their ugly heads in their life and relationships.


This is a common lie many couples tell without minding. Some partners lie about where they are going to or where they have been and this is unfair. You might call it a little white lie, but in all honesty, this is deceit and misleading someone you ought to gain their trust.


Some partners lie about their feelings a lot. Telling a lie that you are sick to avoid being with your partner or going out with them is unfair; it’s better you tell the truth and let your partner know the real reason why you won’t oblige to their wish.

Secondly, the lie of claiming to be okay when you clearly aren’t. A lot of people tell this lie and it’s an unfair thing to do to your partner. You don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader and know what’s really wrong with you.


Some people also tell their partner this cheap lie just to avoid being with them. So many people use this lie against their partners if they don’t want to do some tasks which they ought to. Your partner would feel used when he finds out that you weren’t really busy but you were trying to avoid a task.


People tell their partners lies about their finances all the time. From how much they earn to certain expenses they procured and all manner of lies and tales about money. Money is a weighty subject and could cause big frictions when the truth finally comes out. When dealing with financial matters, try to be transparent and honest.


Some people tell lies to their partner of whom they were with, so as to avoid misunderstanding. They lie about being with a male colleague when they were with a female, or lie about being with a friend when they aren’t. Such lies never do any good in the long run and are never healthy for your relationship.


This is another common lie partners tell each other, probably during an argument. This lie is disrespectful and would surely hurt your partner’s feelings; it should be avoided at all costs.

Lies may look like they provide an easy way out, but in reality, they don’t; they only plant seeds of disharmony, distrust, poor communication and other things that would only harm your relationship.

REMEMBER: lies are like a seed that germinates when sowed, when you tell a lie, you have sowed a seed that will eventually sprout one day.

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