Live life in spite of life

Humans generally love sympathy. Especially Nigerians. We like to think that what we are going through is peculiar and extremely difficult. We love to assume that we’re the only ones going through a particular problem in such a unique difficult level. Or why do you think friends try to outdo themselves while telling stories of their plight? You’ll hear stuff like, hmmm, at the time I went through that same thing, mine was worse! Well, I’ll just say this, while I don’t have a problem with such narratives, please do not try to downplay my own experience. It is unique relative to me. The point of this post is this, when life throws you these curved balls, you owe yourself some tough talk and some soothing words. Find the balance. Tell yourself that you’re not the first person to go through the situation. Be strong and do not wear your problems on your sleeves. But while at it, cry and sulk all you want. Also don’t forget to live. Remember the world doesn’t stop for you to finish sulking before picking up pace.
For instance, if you went for an examination and it was so tough and the fear of failure is looming, then you’ve been invited by friends for a street party, by all means please go. Exams is done, exams is done. You’re either going to pass or fail. Don’t sulk till the results come through. Tell yourself you’ll make it or not. And go have fun at your street party.
Here’s another example, let’s say you graduated with a low grade from college, you either find alternative courses to revamp your certificate or you get a totally new one. Don’t say all doors are closed since you’ve failed. Be a little laidback. Live life in spite of life. Eventually, you’ll be grateful you did.

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  1. Live life inspite of life…. No need to keep crying over spilt milk… Get out of depression and avoid suicide….. This is inspiring and motivating …Thanks.

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