Lockdown chronicles : Reminisce

As I listen to this adorable little neighbors of mine and their rather noisy mother, I remember that I have alot of stories to tell about my childhood. Top on the chart is about the amount of play I had.
I tell you my dearlings, we played alot. There is no car I didn’t ride in my imagination. All I had to do was conceive it. The back of our long settee was the worst hit. We tore the whole damn thing up to accommodate the whole clan (I can just imagine the pure misery on my dad’s face upon realization that his hard earned furniture had turned into a cosy ride).
And our greatest survival skill had to be how to piece the whole house back in minutes. You wondering how? Okay, here: My mum will assign us enough work to last us till her return, who was to wash/clean what and all (when your mum is a teacher, that’s what you get). In her head, that was to keep us occupied till her return o. But her mistake was that she always told us the hour she’d return, probably so that we’ll send out a search party if she didn’t return(smart woman). Our play usually resumed as soon as she stepped out and we heard the lock turn. We’d play till about 30minutes to her return, then we will start our fast and furious cleaning. You do not want to be caught with an unfinished task after she’s been gone for hours my dear. Woe betide thee if she returned an hour earlier. The beating was usually not worth the play session at all.
But for this lockdown I would pay my little neighbors a visit in their home and assess their their settee while at it…. Hehehe

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