Love Is Sacrifice, Nothing More, Nothing Less

True love is not based on emotions and feelings. True love is based on sacrificial action, given to someone or any one that does not deserve it. True love is not give and take, check your love bits , is it expecting or sacrificial. True Love is to hold, to care, to nourish and to cherish ( if you have all these attributes ) surely you are a true lover.

Sacrifice is a true measure of generosity, we all need to pay the price to get the prize.

The price of glory, the price of fulfillment, the price of happiness, the price of attainment.

What t have you to give up , to let it go, its hard to give out sincere love without expecting, yet its really attainable.

True love strives to perfect, it strives not to hurt, it makes sure others are happy and it is genuinely selfless.

It takes no record of wrong no matter how hurt and painful it is, it easily forgives and lives to make ammends.

Most times we confuse our feelings with loving, there is much to loving beyond feelings, it’s selfless giving of one’s self without any form of expectations or reward.

If you have feelings and you can’t sacrifice fully without rewards or gains any sort, then you only infatuating,

The basic factor of loving is sacrifice, get some and make the world a better, when you sacrifice, you will feel the hurts yet you are happier doing so without expecting a reward .

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