No plans pleaseeee….

Well, like you would already guess, I’m going to write on anything. No plan to stick to routines at all.

Spontaneity is bae anyways. Afterall, take for instance plans made for money when the money hasn’t come yet, how well do you follow through with those plans when the money finally comes? Don’t lie o. …

You see, my point is, sometimes, sudden decisions turn out to be the best decisions. The only rule is, always have a backup plan. It’s good to have a plan to fall back on, I usually prefer the ones that doesn’t involve another person, because, you see this life fa, anybody fit disappoint you and you no go fit do anything about am.

Though some people, me inclusive, argue that you should have a very small list of people who you can count on to go a mile or two extra for you. You can’t be an island. Community lifestyle. That’s how we’re wired. You can’t function properly as a loneranger. It’s dangerous.

Una good morning o

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