Nothing left to tell

I once had a friend who opened up to me about her discomfort with her troublesome neighbour and how her parents treated the matter. Here’s what she said :

ICE, the subtlety in my parents! My gawd! So everyone is suddenly concerned about me and how I am coping with my very obvious discomfort. My dad is constantly asking about how we are faring, just to be sure that I’ve not gone ahead of myself. And my mum who is not so subtle is telling me to be very careful to pick useful life lessons from this experience. I no wan hear sae you fight or quarrel with person o. You’ll meet alot of troublesome neighbours like that in this life, she keeps reaffirming. How many wey you go fight? You have to learn the art of anger management and regulated speaking in your excited state. Your enemies are closer than you think.

With all these happenings, I can’t help but applaud my mum for the many years we stayed in rented apartments with no physical altercations with co-tenants. E no easy o. My mum is a wise woman. I mean it. I know it probably sounds cliche but she pass me. And I sincerely hope that one day my children will be able to say the same for me.

Before the relationship turned sour, she had told this neighbour almost everything there was to tell to an information hunter. She must have thought she had found a friend. Poor girl! Well, I told her there was no advice left to give her. Her parents had said it all. She just had to learn how to ignore trouble and live peaceably with all men. Because that my friend ehn, her own dey her body!

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