Ntopo-ntopo anying

I was recently having a discussion with a friend as we strolled home in the evening. We were discussing baby names so i said it’s difficult to blend in a place other than your native land if you have a full-sentence for a name. Especially, if the name is in your local dialect, and you’re raised in a place that speaks a different language. Imagine a name like Abasikponganyanghaowo. I mean, yes, we know it’s only God that saves but why the heck do I have to bear it as a name? Ehn? How can you put me through such stress everytime I want to say my name for the rest of my life? Why must I have difficulty saying my name from classrooms to playgrounds to everywhere else including while filling forms? No respite. In fact, it gets so bad sometimes that you have to say your name maybe like 20times before some people will be able to pronounce half of it. And some people are just so persistent, whoosh! They won’t give up and ask for your short form or nickname or something easy o, they’ll just go ahead and murder the name.

I’ll never fully understand why our parents have to give us such long names for official use. I mean, it’s okay as a pet name y’know, something only they can call you. But for godssake keep the official ones simple. Keep the ntopo-ntopo anying(names with deep connotative meanings) for your personal use. Nobody go steal us for road if our name no long reach na.
Dear parents, on behalf of the yet to be adult kids, help us. Mbok. Biko. If you give us short pronounce-able names, you’ll not die. Tenkiu!

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  1. Hehehehe, names like Konyenasoa…I hated my name for a very long time,now I don’t care.Murder all you want,i’ll still answer.

  2. Natty brother

    Am telling you! There are some parakpo names that will make you have incessant login problems in the ICT sphere. You to create an account and the computer system suggest to you the username ( your first name) should rather be used as a password.

  3. I can relate my dear, as short as my name is so one will still murder it. But come to think of it it’s just us here go out there and someone tells u his/her name u will pronounce it and they will be no harm done t the dear name. That’s how through our service year i was bearing my dad’s name and one day a fellow corp member stopped and ask me how come a lady is bearing Ezekiel? I was so lost on how to explain and get my name wrongly pronounce i just said a name is for identification not gender identity.

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