On single female car owners.

I’ve engaged two sets of people in recent times on the subject of single ladies owning cars.
You’ll be surprised at the number that tend toward single ladies not owning cars. Their argument? That those ladies won’t be able to find suitors immediately, because men will feel intimidated and some will even assume they can’t afford such ladies.
The other school of thought says why not? Singlehood shouldn’t stop anyone from dreaming big and attaining heights. I mean, if a man can, why can’t a woman? If anyone can afford a ride, what’s with the gender bias?
I’m curious, which school of thought do you belong to? Please state your reasons too.

Female car owners club

1 thought on “On single female car owners.”

  1. If you can afford to buy a car then by all means please get one for yourself baby girl. Any man that is insecure because of your success is not worth it.

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