Please Do Well To Marry Your Friend

Marriage is beyond sex, its beyond love, its beyond character but it entails the both of you.

We wonder why there is so much divorce, separation and broken homes today, the alarming effect is that these people dated but they weren’t true friends.

Many marry for various reasons and it would interest you to note that even if these reasons are nice but you hardly find those who marry their friends.

Friendship ignites alot of things which propels a future of bliss, but because we marry for the wrong reasons we find ourselves in a fuss of unpalatable situations.

Find someone who you can easily play with, someone who makes you smile, someone who makes you laugh, someone who isn’t a comedian but even when they aren’t talking makes you laugh hard.

Marriage becomes interesting every day because there is this unpredictable attitude and stunts you would expect from your partner.

Marriage becomes less a burden and all forms of boredom vanishes even over a long period of time.

The nuggets of marrying your friend is more than the reasons why we marry which are mostly wrong choices, marrying your friend makes the hardest thing seems so easy.

Your friend will always strive to make you happy, your friend will respect and honor you, your friend will sacrifice alot for you.your friend will protect you, love you and makes sure you have the best of what life gives.

Marry your friend and be void of secrets, marry your friend and grow old together, marry your friend and smile in the midst of wars, marry your friend and secure your eternity.

All marriages has its own wars, challenges and situations, but it takes grace from God to push on, yet the bond of friendship comes to play significantly in your affairs as the process emerges.

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