Pregnanose; What’s That?

I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts on this for a while.

Very recently, there was a reunion with old time friends. And one of us was pregnant and everyone seemed to be making fun of her nose.

I couldn’t understand why. I hadn’t seen her in a really long while so it was difficult to determine whether her nose size had changed over the years.
Then I whispered into one of my friend’s ear, what’s with the nose? Why is everyone laughing at her nose? Then she explained to me that it was a medical condition. Pregnant women’s noses tend to expand as the months wear on. Naive me, what did I know?

I kept wondering “why” the whole time. Is it so that the woman can take in more oxygen for the baby and herself? Some even said you can determine the sex of the child through the nose size. Wonderful mkpo mkpa idem!

The human body will not cease to amaze me. I couldn’t seem to find a medical term for it by the way, maybe we should call it pregnanose? Forgive me. Maybe any medical personnel can help?

Every time I just keep discovering new things about our human body and I am constantly in awe of biology.
God is a master artist.

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