Pursue Excellence Rather Than Perfection

I Remembered a Time in my life when I was producing songs for people back to back that year, no rest like every normal commercial studio you see around. After booking down and recording you get your song after two days. I was actually feeling like a PRO that year until God laid it in my heart years back to start a label after one week of intense prayer for a new level.

So I started traveling from one place to another spending hundreds of thousands to acquire knowledge on how this things work in the secular world.

The first thing I discovered to actually make it big in this industry(Music) is to put in PRAYERS, TIME, MONEY AND WORK.

Let stop this mentality of NA JUJU DEM THE USE, even juju no the amplify wetin no good.

PRAYER IS NUMBER ONE but spending TIME and MONEY to attain EXCELLENT matter a lot. If it’s not good, do it all over and over.

Just imagine those secular artistes, they will travel three countries to shoot just one video (A spirit of Excellence) and you watch the video with so much details, soul and expression.

Knowing these things turned my life around, I started working less and gaining more, I set a standard, those who can’t be patient I returned their money to them, I spend more time on my job, then I started seeing great results and manifestation of God’s power.

It is better to be SLOW and SURE than to be FAST and FALL.

So if you don’t have money for that standard yet, SAVE some more instead of managing that unprofessional audio/video and be killing your career or record and keep till you are financially buoyant to record it well.

Gone are the days of doing things anyhow. The competition is now HIGH. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,” Colossians 3:23 (ESV).

We’ve lost one thing in life that truly matters – EXCELLENCE.

Nobody does anything with excellence anymore. We’re always rushing on something or half doing something. Rarely do we give our whole self to anything. We don’t give all our time, energy and gifts into our tasks or crafts. The quality of work from many employees and even entrepreneurs are slipping. I’m afraid we’ve lost our spirit of excellence.

What is the spirit of excellence? It’s doing things well, decent and in order. It’s doing something and asking the question “would God be pleased with this work?”

We can’t lose our spirit of excellence.

Excellence is not the same as perfectionism. God isn’t asking you to be a perfectionist, He’s asking you to be excellent. Perfectionism will kill you, excellence will promote you!

Perfectionism is trying to please people. Excellence wants to please God. It’s time to start doing things with EXCELLENCE!

Are we serving with excellence?
Are we leading with excellence?
Are we working with excellence? We’ve got to be excellent!

Why don’t we have the spirit of excellence?
Why have many people lost that spirit of excellence?

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