Seven Great Quotes of The Week

Quotes are very meaningful words of wisdom that are laced with principles which applied appropriately, are capable of redirecting am individual to the path in life. Here are some quotes for you. You can use them on a daily basis to enable you live a fulfilled life.

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Seven Great Quotes of the Week (Countdown)

Day 7: Inspirational WKD Special
The secrets of a happy life!
Stop imagining your “yesterday”! It’s gone and gone for good, and what matters now is your “tomorrow” not even the present ’cause it’s already a reality, no longer can it be molded, but your tomorrow can be given a desired shape!

Day 6: Inspirational #TGIF
The potential to be great is inherent in you and so it is with everybody. It all depends on whether you’ll put the different strategies to play so as to attain success or not. Discover your own very strategies today!!! See you at the top.

Day 5: Inspirational
Do not capitalize on your present situation because life is dynamic. You know, we seldom see what we really are as a result of the multitude of negative conditions around us.
Move on! Press on! And you will get there…

Day 4: Inspirational
Being responsive to your responsibility is not an option if you do not want to tread the path of mediocrity. Dare to be responsible today.

Day 3: Inspirational
Success is neither for the feeble nor for the lazy. It’s for those who know the rudiments and go for it despite the challenges that warrant staying down. This teaches us that success is not an option but a must, which is why successful people always turn troubles to challenges and use the challenges as springboards to ascend enviable heights.

Day 2: Inspirational
Do you know that life is a concept? Which means, it has a definition!
Do you also believe that whatever a man passes through is as a result of the kind of definition given? Hey! Halt right there and define yourself. Get to understand yourself! Do it now!

Day 1: Inspirational
Success is needed by all! But few will do what it takes to be successful. The road to success is 100% not rosy, there will be times you’ll need to cross a hurdle here or there. Those who quit will never win, but those who see every challenge as a stepping stone will always have the sky as their starting point.

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