Shot put

I lay in bed and watched a sports I love. Athletics is something that’s always held the thrill for me. I couldn’t help but smile at this decathlon that I was currently viewing.

Twas shot put. Something I used to throw back then. I’ve learnt and known the rules of the game.
And just like with any other sports, anything can happen last-minute. Like right now that this lady threw her last shot and got a good throw better than the lady who was leading, position wise. This was just after her penultimate throw was disqualified o.

Her smile was radiant and I couldn’t help smiling along with her from my bed. The taste of victory. The thrill. The hope. The reward for not giving up.

If you’re in any competition in life, you shouldn’t give up too quickly. Your last throw may just be the winning throw that will crown you champion. Push forward!

4 thoughts on “Shot put”

  1. Push forward people would say… But using the same technique may not be favorable. Why not say change technique while pushing forward….. The shot put Atlethe might have changed technique while pushing forward who knows. People keep pushing forward commiting the same mistake over and over again. Do we expect a different result from the repeated approach?

  2. Yea. Never give up until its over.

    No carry my money recharge dish watch decathlon again o.
    How on earth u go cheerfully sit back to watch high jump, shot put, javelin, triple jump, long jump and sprinting.
    Abeg money we’re I wan send u tomorrow morning, use am make fine hairstyle.

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