Sometimes You Feel Like This Is Not The Life You Prayed For

This is not how you thought your love life would turn out. This wasn’t how you dreamed your marriage would go. You didn’t think you’d be in this spot at this age.

The job you have doesn’t quite suit you. And business is not thriving or perhaps there’s not even capital to start one.

You are not living in your dream house. Neither are you able to furnish the one you could afford to taste.
You are unable to buy the kind of outfit you consider befitting. And the few you can afford are almost worn out from overuse. You know the exact gadget you’d love to own. But it’s rather too pricey.

The business idea you had a few years ago is almost extinct in your head. You have even watched a few people try to break even in that line. But they can’t seem to do right by you. You know something is missing in their execution process. Almost feels like the money went into the wrong hands sometimes.

You’d love to take a month long vacation, tour the world or just a dream city atleast. But your bank statement won’t even let you leave your local district even for a full weekend. You watch your friends struggle so much. You’d love to help them out, but you really can’t. All that’s left is empathy.

Well, this is not a motivational speech. Sometimes it doesn’t get any better. Other times it does. That’s just life.
Sometimes the setbacks will be overwhelming.

But that’s okay. That’s just life.
Some have it easier than others. Some have it on a platter while others have it through blood and sweat. That’s just life.

There’s nothing you can do about it. After you’ve done your best, allow yourself some reprieve. For in the end, life will always be life.

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