Soured marriage

Bisi woke up this morning feeling very upset. She didn’t feel like putting on her wedding ring this morning. Heck, she hadn’t felt like wearing it all week. Her husband had pissed her off really bad.

Ade was no longer interested in her affairs nor that of her 3girls anymore.
She had prayed and fasted with him for this job. But now, the very blessing she had prayed to God for had somehow turned to be her cause for unending tears. He was now following everything in skirt. Bisi sometimes wondered if he considered that he had girls too and men could also disrespect them even before they come of age. What goes around comes around, they say. He had lost any regard for her. He never gave her money for food. He barely managed to pay fees. And couldn’t care less if the children had clothes to put on or not. I was working, yes. But my meagre income was barely enough to cater for myself and our three girls.
Ade was no longer interested in Bisi. As far as he knew, she didn’t make him happy anymore. Agreed, she had been there for him when she had nothing. And even agreed to marry him though she was a graduate and he is just a standard six holder. Everything had been fine until she bore their third child. He was really hoping for a boy this time. Why couldn’t she just give him a male child? She kept having miscarriages upon miscarriages. Who knew? That could have been the male children he’d been praying for. Who would inherit his properties and carry on the family name? She had started to get on his nerves and he was this close to hitting her. So when this job came, it was like a breath of fresh air. I was happy our fortune was about to change. Perhaps we could even buy one male child. But Bisi never agreed. I tried tirelessly to reason with her, but she wouldn’t bulge. So I started to look outside.

I spent my money as I wanted. I spent it on every kind of frivolity and passing fantasy. I wasn’t thinking of any form of investments. There was no need for such anyways. Who was going to inherit them after all? I squandered my wealth on anything and everything that caught my fancy except my wife and kids. But I didn’t mind.

Bisi had had enough. She was going to leave this marriage. But what was she to do with the kids? Everytime she thought about this, her resolve weakened. She’d now come to endure a marriage that had once promised lifetime bliss. Should she just poison the bastard? Put an end to this stress? It was only a matter of time before he started hitting her, she could tell. This morning, the thought weighed heavy on her mind. She twirled the ring aimlessly on her finger as she stared into space, plotting her escape. She was going to be free soon. But for now, she had to keep up with appearances. And with that, she wore her ring properly and left for the office. It was a wonder the ring still fit properly. That seemed the only thing her husband had gotten right with her.

8 thoughts on “Soured marriage”

    1. People buy children o. Or isn’t that how these baby factories make their money? Desperation can push some people to unthinkable lengths

  1. I think we all came to this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing…. I don’t think the poor woman should be punished for what she doesn’t have control of. I don’t really understand why the society is going wild because of possessions..I get pissed off when I hear all these inconsequential/irrelevant family issues. Our mentality on this male and female child issue should be overhauled.

  2. Natty brother

    I wonder why men seems to be so unschooled about that fact that its actually the female child who takes most care of them when they are sick and weak. Which man go get endurance to mob your excrement and vomits on sick bed, how many male children can actually be plying the roads everyday with foodflask to diet their ailing fathers on hospital beds. Well! Shit happens and if it does then prayer is the key. Life at times is so unfair.

    1. I share your sentiments cos the same women who are said don’t carry the name carry the weight at the end

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