Soured restaurant, sorry, I mean food!

Grace was celebrating. She just turned 30 and one could say she had done well for herself. She was always excited and grateful for each birthday she marked. She never let the day roll by without doing something memorable. She had to celebrate. And so she called her two friends, Eno and Peace, to come over.

She never understood how her calm self always managed to be friends with nutcases. Especially this two. Eno is the ginger mistress for the group. She is a showstopper and boy, is she loud?! She would literally call your bullshit and you won’t do jack. She had height advantage and played basketball. Peace was just as crazy. She knew all the new spots in town and had a rich sense of humour. She came off as standoffish to people who didn’t know her. And truth is, she didn’t really care. But Grace on the other hand was seemingly quiet and peaceful. She had the nerd look and was oftentimes underestimated. She had a high level of tolerance and literally avoided drama and the spotlight. She was the glue to this 5years friendship. So it was no news that her friends were constantly loyal to her and inviting them over for her birthday celebration was no hassle. They agreed to meet at a popular fast food in town after work.

Settled in and famished, they placed their orders. No sooner had their meals arrived and they started to eat, Grace complained that she’d been served a sour meal. Grace was upset but she was willing to make another order as she tried to avoid causing a scene. But before she brought that thought process to a conclusion, Eno had beckoned on one of the waiters. You served my friend soured meal and I want it replaced before I cause a scene in this place o, she said. The poor guy scampered away to go get the attention of the chef on duty. But before he could make it 2meters away, Peace called him back and ordered him to take the plate of food along. The poor waiter seemed torn between going to call the chef and returning for the plate. Ofcourse he settled for the former once he made eye contact with Eno. Her gaze was always scary and could make you peeon your pants. We watched them argue behind the counter for one long minute, each personnel taking turns to taste the food. After what seemed like a long wait, the waiter resurfaced with a fresh plate of food. Peace shushed him away and told him it was his lucky day that they were in a really good mood.

All the while, Grace sat quietly watching the event unfold. Praying silently that the incident don’t ruin her birthday experience for the day. Luckily her prayers were answered. This was the amicable-st her friends ever got. I guess they just respected her big day. She was more than happy to enjoy the rest of the evening quietly with her new plate of food. She was blessed with amazing friends and she knew it. What else could she possibly ask for?

6 thoughts on “Soured restaurant, sorry, I mean food!”

  1. This should be a setup….. I don’t think a sensible entrepreneur will try to dent his/her image by serving sour food.

  2. Natty brother

    Eno should learn to understand that no one is above mistake. Minor oversight do occur in our daily lives, no one can be perfect. on the other hand, any entrepreneur should understand the value of a customer be always being conscientious in treatment of same. Brand image are mostly promoted by the testament of patroniser.

    1. Most of these employees don’t care about brand name. They’ll say it’s not their personal business. Forgetting that what goes around comes around

  3. My dear not funny, years back i bought a cake from food affairs and it was spoilt returned it but they refused to collect saying nothing is wrong with it. My elder sis ask them to eat that she will pay they couldn’t, it was not a small battle before we got a new one sha

    1. Lol…oya shey nothing is wrong with the cake, eat it na! Cake like bread. I stopped patronizing fast foods for confectioneries sha. Don’t trust how long they’ve been on display

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