S~tosin~ory 001

We have a small grocery store that we run in front of our home and we meet all sorts of people there. And yes, I mean all sorts in the very true sense of the word. And boy, does my mum know how to deal with all of them?
This one happened this past weekend.
Boy: Good evening ma
Mum: Good evening my son, how may I help you?
Boy: I came to buy something on Saturday and the person I met was not too sure about the price. I came to find out if I have any balance.
Mum: Okay, you have change, but who did you meet at the shop
Boy: Modadeola
Mum: Which Modadeola?
Boy: Modadeola na, that lady that stays here.
Mum: She’s the one you’re calling Modadeola. Huh? Do you know how old she is, she’s the same age as your second sister Sekemi and you are the last born. Even your immediate elder brother Tony doesn’t call her by name.
Boy: I’m sorry ma, and quietly walked away.

I felt for the poor boy. But you see, he’s very arrogant and this unfortunate event made me laugh so hard. Before you say the boy didn’t do anything wrong, remember that we are Yorubas, and we take these titles seriously. And the boy won’t say he did not know o, because he grew up in this neighbourhood and we’ve known this family since I was in high school. His elder brother even calls me aunty, and he’s just a few years older than our last born whom I’m older than by 11 solid years. He was trying to form staunch na, quite unfortunately, my mum doesn’t handle staunch so well. Hehehe….

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